50 DIY tips for home decoration, collected!

50 DIY tips for home decoration, collected!

a harbor of love, home needs our good care. Sometimes, a simple DIY can bring a new feeling and style to the home. For example, turning a door to black will instantly fill your home with a chic style; sometimes, just changing a light bulb can create a different world.

Today, the editor of the Internet home improvement brand Miaodongjia introduces these fifty home decoration tips to everyone, hurry up and collect it first!

1. Decorate your wall cheaply: use white wooden frames to put in black and white photos, a cheap trick to make the empty wall attractive.

2. Hang the shelf to create the illusion of space: Hang the long shelf to make the narrow space appear wider.
3. The mirror will instantly change a room: add the mirror to space and immediately make the room appear larger.

4. The renovation of the carpet: Put the carpet in the space, the whole atmosphere will change immediately.

5. The pillow is your good friend: you only need to put on a new pillow to transform your sofa.

6. Paint the inside of the closet: You also need some attention in your closet. Paint bright colors on the inside of the closet. When you open it, there will be a surprise and fun.

7. The wall is the main point: the bold and clean colors are used for painting, and the style of the room will be updated immediately.

8. Paint creativity: The color of the wall determines the tone of the room. I hope to add style and try to paint your door black.

9. Change lighting: upgrade your lamps with antiques and brass elements.

10. DIY sofa covers instantly change your living room: Cover the sofa with plain fabric like a grey cloth, so that the living room becomes styled immediately.

11. Wall level: You don't need to change the color of your whole white wall, as long as you paint a different color paint on the bottom, it is another flavor.
12. Use of the tray: buy a beautiful tray and put it on the coffee table or side table, and put small items like TV remote control.

13. Paint lampshade: buy a cheap paper cover and paint it red to add a romantic atmosphere.

14. Change the display location: Place the object in an unusual place, like a kitchen or bathroom, to add some freshness to space.

15. The use of wallpaper: paste wallpaper on the back of the cabinet or bookcase to create an unexpected decorative surprise.

16. Update your light bulb: Replace the original light with a different light bulb, and the hue of the space will change instantly.

17. DIY candles create atmosphere: inject wax into old jam jars to create romance.

18. Mix and match your furniture: modern and retro styles, mix and match your own style.

19. Don't forget your ceiling: paint the ceiling in different colors.

20. Renew the floor: When the wooden floor is not at its best, use paint to give them new life.

21. Renew your bathroom: Instead of spending a fortune on a bathroom renovation, simply buy new towels, curtains, and shower curtains to update the space.

22. Hand-made coffee table: Use the stacked books as a side table beside the sofa.
23. Turn the side table into a small bar: Put a ice bucket, glass, and your favorite wine is a private bar.

24. Remodeling the furniture: transforming the old chair to give it a brand new look instead of buying new furniture.

25. Update your door: The door is part of the decoration, so why give it color, black gloss, or even soft pink?

26. Fruits for decoration: use beautiful bowls or tubs, put apples, pears or pineapples to create a relaxed and refreshing atmosphere.

27. Start an indoor garden: potted plants are brought into the room in old-fashioned ceramics to add greenery to the space.

28. Books become art: Cut out the inside pages of your favorite book or magazine and put them side by side on the wall to become a decoration.

29. The change brought by the wallpaper: A bold and eye-catching wallpaper is affixed at the entrance of the door, and the first impression is everything.

30. Add gorgeous elements: Fur (furniture will be better) embellishment, placed at the end of the bed or on the ground, the space immediately gorgeous.

31. Renovate the boring old chair: spray it with new, different colors of paint, and change its appearance instantly.

32. About dimmers: The cheapest retrofit solution is to add dimmers in your home.

33. Don't renovate your kitchen, update the hardware: just replace it with a new shelf to have a brand new look.

34. Inside and outside upside down: Taking indoor furniture outdoors and taking outdoor furniture indoors will bring an unexpected twist to your living space.

35. Use wall decals: Just like tattoo stickers, it is the best way to beautify a room.

36. Organize books by color: Regardless of size or theme, only use colors to classify books to create interesting colors.

37. Floral fragrance: Don't underestimate the power of flowers, a flower can bring space back to life.

38. Give the furniture an unexpected role: transform the bathroom trolley into a side table or a mini bar with drinks and refreshments.

39. Hang multiple clocks on the wall: Hang the time of different cities on the wall separately to learn the decoration of the airport.

40. Old clothes and new vases: Use the sequins on old clothes to decorate the vases.

41. Decoration of the shower curtain: When the shower curtain is not in use, don't let it be scattered, tie it with metal buckles, or anything creative.

42. Not just photo frames: Photos may not only fit into photo frames, but also throw them in bowls, transparent cups, or have unexpected effects.

43. Tableware mix-and-match: all the plates are white and boring, and various plates bring style.

44. Renewal of bed: No need to buy all new bedding, replace with bold color pillows, or add a few small pillows.

45. Display on the window sill: Children's plastic animal toys, painted with bold colors, can also become interesting decorations.
46. ​​DIY wallpaper headboard: Cut the wallpaper into the shape of the headboard you want.

47. Do n’t put everything in the living room: Do n’t put all your best decorations in the living room. You can also put your favorite lights or paintings in the kitchen or some unexpected places.

48. Update a boring bookcase: paint the edge strips with different colors.

49. Renew the sofa: Use a rich pattern fabric to cover the sofa or chair, perfect without cost.

50. Reuse the old necklace: use it to decorate curtains.

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