Chinese company announces to build 2 million km car battery

Chinese company announces to build 2 million km car battery

Chinese company announces to build 2 million km car battery

A Chinese company that makes electric car batteries says it is ready to make batteries that will enable the car to run up to 2 million kilometers and have a useful life of 16 years.
At present, most car manufacturers offer a warranty of 60,000 to 1.5 million miles on a car battery, which lasts from three to eight years.
Chinese company Contemporary Ampex Technology (CATL) has not yet said to which carmaker it will supply the technology. Earlier, it was reported that the Chinese company would manufacture the product in collaboration with the American company Tesla.
"If a carmaker places an order, we're ready to make the product," Zheng Yuqin, chairman of the Chinese company Katl, told Bloomberg.

The company signed a two-year deal in February for US tech company Tesla's Model 3 cars. Other customers of the company include BMW, Daimler, Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo.
However, the demand for electric cars is increasing.
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According to technology research firm Canals, the European market for electronic and hybrid cars has grown by 72% in the first three months of last year. Which accounts for 7% of the cars supplied.
The Coronavirus epidemic has had a significant impact on the market, with car deliveries down 26% in three months.
According to the firm, the claim of the chairman of the company is very important but it is a difficult step to verify.
Chris Jones, chief analyst at Canals Automotive, said the situation would be used by carmakers as a distinction, as it would make the difference in cars clearer, increasing the resale value of those cars. Will be affected.
He added that this and other factors including wider availability of charging points and longer driving range. Should help more car owners convert to electric cars

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