Small bedroom with high bed, perfect wardrobe closet

Small bedroom with high bed, perfect wardrobe closet

The bedroom (the bedroom decoration renderings) is too small, can't you put the wardrobe down when you put down the bed? Italian designer Dielle brings you such a product, which combines the bed with the wardrobe, squeezing the available resources in the vertical space, and solving the difficulties caused by the limited size of the small bedroom. Recently, Italian designer Dielle designed a high bed called Container Bed. It can be easily seen from the picture that the bed is elevated and the wardrobe is hidden under the bed.

The bed is elevated so that there is more room for a wardrobe. But also need to design a corresponding small staircase (staircase decoration renderings) and walk to the bed.

The extra part on the right side of the bed frame can be used for books, and it prevents you from rolling off the bed when you sleep. After all, this is a high bed, and it must be painful to roll to the floor.

You can get the clothes inside by raising the bed frame.

Don't look at the small cabinet, there are quite a lot of things you can put: shoes, shirts, underwear, hats, etc. With such a wardrobe, the narrow bedroom can also put down clothes. The basic idea of ​​this design is "the lateral space is too small, then develop in the air". A writing desk can be placed in the remaining indoor space so as not to appear too crowded.

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