There is no need to buy a bed in the bedroom. This design is spacious and practical, and can also improve the value of the small bedroom.

There is no need to buy a bed in the bedroom. This design is spacious and practical, and can also improve the value of the small bedroom.

Although the bedroom is not the most important part of the family, who of us does not want to live in an open and bright room? However, due to the limitations of the layout of the apartment, many people's bedrooms are not too large. Needless to say, such a small bedroom is furnished with other furniture, just put a double bed and wardrobe alone is already crowded. Not to mention the word "spacious", it makes me feel heartbroken. With the increase of such problems, a new bedroom design came into being. Nowadays, the design of the bedroom without bed is popular, which is not only spacious and practical but also improves the value of the small bedroom. Even two bedrooms do not have this practice.

Presumably, everyone is not unfamiliar with the floor. As a commonly used decoration method for the living room, it can not only increase the storage space in the home but also make the small space look more beautiful and transparent, especially suitable for the house with a small indoor area. And today there are many styles of the floor, you can choose according to the needs or preferences of your home.

First of all, our most common is a custom-made floor. This platform is assembled from finished artificial panels. Its construction is very simple and the price is not high, it can also be used as a storage box under the bed. It can be described as a platform in hand for family storage. Making a platform can fully meet the family's storage needs.

And you can also combine the bookcase or wardrobe to design the floor. This can maximize the use of space and also make space's functions appear richer.

Or you can make a tatami floor. Japanese-style cushions with solid wood panels will make the room look more natural and fresh. Usually can be used as a bed to be large and comfortable, with the lifting table, friends and relatives can also be used as a tea room or entertainment room.

Also, you can combine the desk to create a floor. Such a room has both functions, allowing the space to be reused. Whether it is a child's room or a second bedroom is very suitable. And friends can sleep a few more people, it is really convenient.

If your home has enough storage space and you don't want to make the floor into a storage style, then you can also make the floor shorter, which can also give the space a sense of hierarchy. And compared to ordinary double beds, this platform will appear more spacious, lying on it without worrying about falling under the bed.

For a one-bedroom house or small apartment, the entire living room and bedroom can also be connected together to make a large floor. In this way, there is a place for lying in bed, and a place for living or leisure can be accommodated.

If you don't like to make the entire bedroom on the floor, you can also make a small floor to form a leisure area. In this way, relatives and friends can sleep here, and can also be used as a place to read the Internet.

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