What is the difference between the symptoms of a fever and the symptoms of a corona virus? Learn and avoid trouble

What is the difference between the symptoms of a fever and the symptoms of a corona virus? Learn and avoid trouble
At the moment, on the one hand, the epidemic of Corona is spreading dangerously across the country, on the other hand, the intense heat wave has also engulfed the entire country. Due to the extreme heat, people in the past have also People have been suffering from diseases and even a large number of deaths due to fever have been seen - but now that there are rumors of Karuna everywhere, people understand the symptoms of Karuna as Karuna - today we We will tell you about the symptoms of heatstroke which people mistakenly think of as coronary and are terrified of it and mistakenly treat it which can cause great harm.

1: Hyperthermia

When the external temperature is too high and the body fails to maintain the internal temperature normally due to heat, then the body temperature rises above 99.5 and in some cases in extreme cases. Temperatures can reach 104 degrees.

But this fever is different from the fever in Corona in that it is not caused by any kind of infection in the body but only by the heat. By keeping the body in a cool place, this fever is automatic. It starts to decrease when it does not happen in Corona fever.

2: Itching on the skin
When the effects of extreme heat on the body, the pores of the skin close and sweat cannot escape from the body, so the pores swell and the skin becomes externally red and itchy. And itching also starts - some people call this symptom corona because according to some American experts, corona can cause allergic skin itching, but in this regard, the itching caused by heat is different. - If bathing with clean and plain water reduces this itching, it is the cause of heat instead of corona.

3: Pain in the bones and muscles of the body
Sometimes when the body releases too much sweat and salts due to heat, it causes a lack of water and electrolytes in the body, which causes severe spasms and pain in the muscles and bones. Symptoms include severe pain in the body - but heat-related pain is treated by providing the body with a certain amount of water and salts, and drinking water reduces the body's pain. This is not the case with Corona.

4: Sore throat, nausea and dizziness
Heatstroke, also known as heatstroke, affects the entire human body, causing not only severe sore throats and headaches, but also fever, as well as nausea and dizziness. Because of the similarity of the symptoms, people also call it coronary - even in these symptoms, the blood pressure drops to a dangerous level and the patient feels better in case of drip, but in case of all these symptoms, see a doctor immediately. And they can diagnose both of these diseases through some tests.

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